General information concerning our gyms, prices & Co.

Official address
T71 Dudelange
B.P. 69
L-3401 Dudelange

Social media
Facebook (since 2013)
Twitter (since 2016)

Gyms in Dudelange
Centre sportif René Hartmann (Grimler & Hartmann), 2 rue René Hartmann, L-3475 Dudelange
Ecole Ribeschpont, 41 rue Ribschpont, L-3548 Dudelange
Hall sportif Lycée Nic Biever (annexe Alliance), 100 rue Reitschkopp, L-3476 Dudelange

Season ticket (abonnement) (in 2016/17)
=watching every home game, championship men & ladies.
Classic formula: 100€, golden card: 130€ (owners get a cup of "crémant" every gameday).

Players' contribution (cotisation) (in 2016/17)
=contribution a player has to pay to play for T71 an entire season.
Babybasket : 50 € per child
Basketball school/Ecole de basket & Pré-poussin-e-s: 100 € for the first child, 80 € from the second child.
From Minis/Fillettes : 120 € for the first child, 80 € from the second child.

Membership card (carte de membre)
=become member of T71 by paying 10€ a year. You'll get your personal membership card, sent by post.

Medical exam (Medico)
Every player whose medical exam expires at the end of the year receives a letter from T71 with an appointment.
If the player cannot make the appointment,he/she has to inform T71 immediately. T71 tries to get a new one.
If the player does not inform T71, the player arranges another appointment. All medical sites can be found here.