The last one

This Thursday (22nd February), Tom will play his last game for Team Luxembourg. Luxembourg will play Cyprus at the Coque from 20h30. In his previous games for his country, it's been: 9 participations at FIBA/FIBA Zones events, 52 international games, 724 points (14 PPG), 126 assists, 144 rebounds & 72 steals. Add to that a silver medal at the GSSE in 2007 (Monaco), 2009 (Cyprus) and 2013 (Luxembourg), as well as a bronze medal in 2015 (Ice ... read more

Journée nationale du basket

Eng flott Journée Nationale du Basketball ass elo fäerdeg.... Vill Kanner vun diverse Veräiner aus dem Land haten haut de Wee op Diddeleng fonnt! Wat wier sou en Dag ouni déi vill Läit hannert de Kulissen fir sou en Event z?organiséieren! E spezielle MERCI geet dofir un eis Jugendkommissioun, de Service des sports vun der Diddelenger Gemeng an d'FLBB mam Tessy, Steve an hierem ganzen Trainer-Staff! E weidere Merci gëlt all den Arbi ... read more

Playoffs Ladies

Our ladies had a good start into the playoffs, winning both games at Contern (58-64) & against the Pikes (90-48). Although this sport is a team effort, we picked (some) individual and (more) collective stat lines for you: - 4 T71 players score 10+ points per game: Kari (18,8), Sam (15,8), Catherine (10,5) & Mich (10,0). - Kari made 14/26 three pointers in her 5 first games (54,6%), Sam blocked 8 shots in her 3 last games. - In evaluation poin ... read more

Playoffs Men

After Friday's games, our men will finish 3rd, 4th or 5th entering the quarter-finals! With 3 tough games left (Amicale, Esch, Etzella), it's impossible that the Pikes (-2 points) AND Sparta (-3 points) get past T71: both still have to play each other and lost their matchups with T71. The semi-finals are booked for Amicale and Etzella as they are 3 points clear in the standings. Time to rest a little and go full speed to secure home court advant ... read more

Playoffs start TODAY

Today (Friday), our men start their playoff race at Sparta. Tipoff: 20h45. Just in case you forgot: our men lost their 4 meetings at Sparta and couldn't win on their floor since 26/02/2016 (75-78). It's about time to change that! ... read more

T71 & Aral

In case you have car, you need to refuel from time to time. You can support T71's youth by choosing Aral as your service station partner. You can easily pay with your Aral Card. Click here to get all the information if you want to order your T71 Aral Card. Si vous possédez une voiture, vous devez faire le plein de temps en temps. Vous soutenez les jeunes du T71 si vous faites ceci chez son partena ... read more

Kids Coach by FLBB

Over the 2 last weekends, FLBB organized the "Kids Coach" (basic coach training course). Three T71 players participated as well: Lynn Dogs, Christopher Jones and Mike Baseggio. ... read more

Nelly on tour

Not only celebrated Nelly his 32nd birthday Yesterday... he showed school kids his basketball skills and tried to give them an understanding of the game of basketball! ... read more