Playoffs Ladies

11/02/2018 - 07:11

Our ladies had a good start into the playoffs, winning both games at Contern (58-64) & against the Pikes (90-48).
Although this sport is a team effort, we picked (some) individual and (more) collective stat lines for you:
- 4 T71 players score 10+ points per game: Kari (18,8), Sam (15,8), Catherine (10,5) & Mich (10,0).
- Kari made 14/26 three pointers in her 5 first games (54,6%), Sam blocked 8 shots in her 3 last games.
- In evaluation points, Mich (6th), Catherine (9th) and Mandy (11th) are among the best Luxembourgish players in the league.
- Same thing for field goal percentage as Mich (4th; 50%) and Catherine (6th; 48%) are in the Top 6.
Of the 6 playoff teams, T71...
- commits the fewest fouls (14,9 per game)
- has the second best defense (61,4 PPG)
- has the second best 3 point shooting (33,7%)
- commits 12,4 turnovers per games (2nd best)
On another hand, T71...
- scores the fewest points (70,0 PPG)
- grabs the fewest offensive (6,8 per game) and total rebounds (32,4 per game)
- receives the fewest fouls (13,2 per game)
Anyway... T71 leads Etzella (5th) by 4 points and Gréngewald (6th) by 5 points, and has decent chances to qualify for the final four.
But nothing is given.
So keep up the good work 💪, ladies⛹️‍♀️! ⚫⚪🏀