Schedule Playoffs 2018-19

08/02/2019 - 08:15

The playoffs for both teams start this weekend and all games have been scheduled!
Our men will play 5 games before the quarter-finals start. Our ladies will play 10 more games before the semi-finals start.

09.02., 20h30: T71-Sparta
15.02., 20h45: Etzella-T71 (Friday)
24.02., 17h30: Esch-T71
02.03., 20h30: Amicale-T71
09.03., 20h30: T71-Racing

09.02., 18h30: Pikes-T71
15.02., 19h00: T71-Contern (Friday)
23.02., 18h30: T71-Amicale
03.03., 16h00: Gréngewald-T71 (Sunday)
09.03., 18h30: T71-Etzella
22.03., 20h45: T71-Pikes (Friday)
24.03., 15h30: Contern-T71 (Sunday)
29.03., 18h30: Amicale-T71 (Friday)
06.04., 18h30: T71-Gréngewald
13.04., 18h30: Etzella-T71

Of course, the men's quarter-finals and the ladies' semi-finals are not scheduled yet. But you can have a look here (PDF, Excel, picture) which days to mark in your agenda! But watch out: it's 17 games minimum and 34 maximum for both teams combined :)