Preseason is about to start

29/07/2019 - 22:12

You can't wait for the new season to start?
Here is the pre-season schedule for our Men's and Women's teams.

Our men's head coach Ken Diederich scheduled the following games:
September 8th, 17h00: Telstar-T71 73-74 (at Mondorf)
September 13th, 19h00: T71-Den Helder
September 15th, 17h00: T71-Arantia (at Sparta)
September 22nd, 18h00: T71-Etzella (Supercup at Kayl)

Our women's coach Andrea Haris scheduled these games:
September 1st, 15h00: Saarlouis-T71 100-51
September 7th & 8th: T71-Neuss 82-74, T71-Heidelberg 35-94, T71-Walferdange XX-XX
September 12th to 15th: training camp in Vittel
September 17th, 19h15: T71-Pikes
September 22nd, 15h00: T71-Esch

You are invited to come and support.