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When T71 celebrates its 50 years in 2021, it's way more than just 50 years "existence".

The roots of T71 go back to 1954 at which time, at the initiative of the local CAD (track & field), some basketball fans founded a basketball section.
In 1959, the basketball section separates from the CAD and joins the HB Dudelange (handball) club.
In 1968, the basketball section becomes an independent entity within the HBD organization.
Since 1971, T71 has had a lot of success and celebrated 12 championships and 12 cup wins with its men team. The ladies won the championship and the cup competition twice. But that was only a very short summary! Have fun reading through our archives. We are doing our best to constantly add interesting information and data.

By the way, T71 has had 4 different presidents:
1964-1968: Nicolas Kiewel
1968-1989: Emile Hengesch
1989-2004: Marc Schmit
since 2004: Marcel Wagener

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And in case you missed it...

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