Remodeling of Centre sportif René Hartmann

For around 40 years, the Centre sportif René Hartmann was maybe the most successful sports venue in Luxembourg, and the home of 2 of Luxembourg's most decorated sports club with T71 Dudelange and HB Dudelange! 18 championships were celebrated here and basketball teams like Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, CF Barcelona and Mobilgirgi Varese showed off. Surely a GREAT chapter of Dudelange history ! © Loris Spina
© journal.lu But from 2013 to 2016, the remodeling process of Centre sportif René Hartmann took place! HB Dudelange had to "evade" and play its home games at Alliance for a couple of seasons.
For T71, it meant a little less space for visitors drinking at the bar during games and some hammering noises during practices. The spaces around the gym were also rearranged to almost make it a new sports venue!

After the transformation

We thank the City of Dudelange for its investment and giving T71 - among others sports clubs in Dudelange - a new & multifunctional home! The new entry looks fresh & modern, and the facility looks great from the inside as well. © cdclux.com

Our players can now benefit from new powerlifting rooms, managed by CAD Power, and use cryotherapy after games and practices. In the large power area (over 500 m²), CAD Power provides high-quality equipment for powerlifting and weight lifting, for fitness purposes as well as for club training. The ice bath (available from 2016) supports the athletes during the regeneration and helps minimize injuries. And both facilites are free for T71's seniors teams!

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Two new & spatial meeting rooms - shared with other clubs of Dudelange - allow T71's committee, youth commission, etc. to meet in the gym. Aside from that, T71 & HBD has now 3 different courts to practice and play games on. The main court, salle Grimler, got a new wooden floor in 2016, while the other courts in Centre Hartmann, at Alliance and at Ribeschpont are more like emergency solutions when different events are held at the same time at the salle Grimler.

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In the summer of 2016, T71's finance commission got something really nice & "flashy" going! From the 2016/17 season on, our sponsors will appear along the floor - on a digital advertising banner.

Finally, the new indoor pool includes a 25m x 15m large swimming pool, with 6 lanes, 2 jumpboards (1m and 3m) and was designed for swimming competitions. At level 1, a tribune counts nearly 200 seats.
And the high climbing wall has a height of 15m, with a climbing area of 605m², is equipped with 31 deflection points and has between 100 and 120 climbing routes of different difficulty levels.

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You can find here all the official information concerning Dudelange's new sports complex, as well as its opening hours & contact information!