Interview with Katie Donovan (14.09.2006)

Hello Katie, nice of you to take some time off to meet the nosy lot.

No problem.
How does a Canadian player make it to Luxembourg ?

The usual player’s progress, high school basketball until graduation the options in Canada or the US across the border from Ontario.
Can’t be that simple !

No, that’s the short of it. There were my results and overall performance and of course my playing for the Canadian National Team.
How did you get your passage to the US ?

Performance, good coaches, my agent and a scholarship to study in the States.
Any job experience so far ?

Not really, no ! I graduated in physical education, so there might be a future there.
You came to Luxembourg straight, any plausible explanations ?

It was a choice, actually. I had done some research into European basketball because that’s where I wanted to play.
So, this would you be your first international assignment.

At club level, yes. But playing for the Canadian National Team allowed me to travel and to judge. Playing in the Universiade is quite an interesting experience.
Did you have any information on your new club ?

Yes, some. But one important factor was your head-coach. Carsten has made a name for himself in basketball circles. He trained national teams in Germany, and he has good contacts with agents and coaches in the US. I could actually get enough information on the club. A personal choice, definitely.
Your interest in sports isn’t limited to basketball, we hear.

No, I did a number of sports, and still do. Track and field, swimming, skiing, riding. I wouldn’t mind picking up horse-riding while I’m over here. Had some contacts already. I wouldn’t mind taking up triathlon, seems to be my kind of competition.
Good at sports and a natural in basketball !

Yes and no, qualifying for the NCAA, and playing in their tournaments wasn’t easy, competition is tough, and I do have to compensate for my size through top physical performance.
Ambitions with T71.
The max., nothing else but the top.
Facilities ok ?

Yes, very good. Great practice, professional coaching, much similar to what I had in the US.
Any qualms about coming to Luxembourg.

Certainly not. I enjoy my stay and contacts with my people here and back home are easy. I’m an only child, my people will be visiting and then there the internet, Skype and chats.
Very nice, thanks for the interview, Katie. Practice next. Can’t keep you.

My pleasure.