Meghann Gardler (30.08.2013)

Hello Meghan, pleased to meet you.
Meghan: Hi.
How about starting off by you telling us a little about your career so far your schooldays and your first contact with basketball.
Meghan: All quickly told. I come from Springfield, Pennsylvania and I attended high school there, Cardinal O’Hara High School in fact. After 12th Grade I moved on to the University of Connecticut in Storrs where I graduated in 2010, I hold an English Major.
When did your interest in basketball reveal itself?
Meghan: My dad is a basketball coach so basketball was always an option. I played volleyball until 9th grade and I generally preferred team sports. I then concentrated on basketball and with my team won the Catholic League Championship, PA two years in a row. At university level my team was undefeated in the last two years 2008-10 and we won the National Championship.
Where did your international career then take you?
Meghan: Well, I played in Sweden for a year. The contact was made via my agent, the team was Umea Comets. From there I moved to Steinsel, Luxembourg, as you well know, and I played there for two seasons (2011-13).
What do you think are your most valuable sporting assets?
Meghan: I think I can play in all positions. I am good at rebounds and steals, and I have also been a top scorer for a couple of seasons. Team spirit is essential to my game and I like to lead on the court. Team players should have well-defined roles but also be able to take over from their teammates if necessary. Good teams must be motivated. My goal is to strengthen the team and allow it to make the top six.
Are you still happy after all these years to be away from your home and family?
Meghan: Ye, I suppose so. I keep regular contact with my parents and younger sister, Marikate (5 years my junior). Like I mentioned before, my father is a basketball coach, well was, because he retired after thirty years at college and high school level, my mother is still active in finance. I like to spend summer with family and friends in San Diego, CA.
Certainly makes a change from Luxembourg.
Meghan: It does, but I must say that T71 and my mates make it very pleasant to be here. There was a friendly reception from day one and I have great support on and off the court.
We like our players to feel at ease and at home during their stay with us.
Meghan: You most certainly do, thank you very much.