Andrea Haris (11/11/2013)

Hi Andrea, thanks for coming to the interview at such short notice, the game must have been very intense.
Andrea: Yes,. it has been a good game for us. While you do the interview with Mich I’ll get changed and I’ll be right with you.
No problem, take your time... Andrea, we know you came to Luxembourg aged ten. Had this anything to do with basketball at the time?
Andrea: Basketball is a family affair. Both my parents were basketball coaches. My Dad, Haris Ferenc, was one of the very few coaches in Hungary earning a “Master-coach” title based on his accomplishments as a professional coach. He was the president of all the basketball coaches in Hungary travelling all over the country, watching games and giving advices to coaches. He was also for long years national coach of the Hungarian National Team and has also been active at MAFC, KSI and MTK-VM. I’m very proud of my Dad’s career and success.
Your father was also a key figure in Luxembourg basketball.
Andrea: My Dad obtained a contract as a national coach in Luxembourg for three years (1988-1991) which he ended up to accept.  He was the founding father of  the “Basket School” in Luxembourg.
So you started quite early.
Andrea: I grew up in the basketball gym. I had my first official practice and game at the age of 9 with my Mom as a coach. This was back in Hungary, the team was MTK-VM, but we then moved to Luxembourg in 1988 and I played for Cents. Once my Dads contract was up, we moved to Steinsel in 91 where my father accepted to coach several teams. From ’95 to ’97 I played for Etzella’s Cadettes’ and Women’s team and we won the championship in both years. We also participated in the European Cup back then. In 1995 we won the gold medal at the JPEE with the national team.  I played in Trier during the 98-99 season and also successfully passed my Première exam.
This allowed me to move to the US where I obtained a full-scholarship to study and to play basketball at Arkansas Little Rock and later at Tulane University, both NCAA I schools. In basketball, at Tulane University we were ranked in the top 25 and the school was ranked one of the 10 best business schools in the country. 
What was it you studied?
Andrea: I graduated in Management Studies at  Tulane University.
On your return to Luxembourg you went to...
Andrea: ...First I joined Esch where we won the championship twice and the cup once, then came Musel Pikes where we won the cup, a return to Esch to win another championship and now T71.
You certainly left your mark with all these teams, is there anything to explain the influence you have on the game?
Andrea: I am a playmaker and my ambition is to give my very best and to help improve the team in overall. I am very ambitious and intend to go for the top, the max.
Do you feel at home with T71?
Andrea: It’s a very well organized team and the general atmosphere contributes to the very good spirit you feel in all areas. It can be stressful at times, with my family, my job, the practices and games, but for the time being I really enjoy playing for T71.
Well, thank you very much for the interview.
Andrea: My pleasure, Bye.