Interview with Jolene Johnston (11.08.2017)

[born: 19.10.1981 - played 12 games for T71 between January and April 2006, averaging 15 points & 8 rebounds]
It's been 11 years you played for T71. What did you do after your stay in Luxembourg, professionnally & in basketball?
I became a women's Division I college basketball coach for the University at Albany for two years and then went to coach division I Basketball at Siena College for about 3 years. (Where I played in college). Currently and for the past 6 years I have been working at Owens Corning Fiberglass in Delmar, NY. I am a complex leader or others may call it a operations manager. So I work on the operations side for a plant where we make insulation.
How many people asked you if Luxembourg is in Germany?
Many have... lost count :) I enjoy sharing that Luxembourg is a country of its own.
What are the first 3 things you remember most of Luxembourg and especially Dudelange and T71?
Friendly people and community, being able to travel to so many different places in a short time, my teammates on T71 we're the best and we had lots of laughs.
What are the best moments you kept in mind from your stay at T71?
again the people supporting the program and my teammates are most memorable. Probably just hanging out with my teammates and having jokes and laughs.
Do you (still) know any luxembourgish words you learned?
umm yes but not appropriate to share. Usually used on the basketball court when I was being critical of my game ;)
Are in still in touch with former players or coaches? Do you still follow basketball in Luxembourg?
I am still in touch with some players on messenger and Facebook. I try to keep up with T71 men's and women's programs and how they are doing throughout the season.
Which were/are your strenghts and weaknesses on the floor?
I would say my work ethic and being able to get to the hoop against taller opponents, and defense. I really believe defense wins championships.
According to you, which are the most important values and attitudes to succeed in basketball and have fun?
be a team player, always practice and push yourself like it was a game.. this will make the games seem easy, and believe in yourself.
Who/what are your role models in basketball?
I think it started with Rebecca Lobo, Pat Summit, Geno.
And a classic... which is your favorite basketball player? And team?
favorite Basketball player: women: Sue Bird and Men: Larry Bird/ Magic Johnson. Team: I'm a front runner I like the way the Warriors play. Favorite college team of course Siena College:)
What's new? in your personal life
I am married now for 4 years and have a baby boy named Wesley who is 14 months. I spend a lot of time enjoying family time and traveling with the family. I would like to make a trip back with my family and watch an game.
Thanks Jolene for taking us back to 2006 somehow! Kind as always!