Mich Orban (22.11.2013)

Hello, thanks for coming for the interview, especially since you are still only recovering from your injuries.
Michèle : Yes, well I hope my physio will give me the go-ahead so I can start practising and playing again soon. My ACL injury (anterior cruciate ligament) takes a long time to heal and we’ll have to see when I can put the full stress on again.
T71 is obviously not your first club and those of us who followed your Nationale I career know the stages you followed at that level. Where did your basketball career begin?
Michèle : I was a late starter. I had tried a sport or two before a friend took me to a practice session of Bascharage Hedgehogs at Cadettes level. I quite liked the game and since I was already quite tall at the time, I was invited to stay on.
You then joined BC Mess and later Walferdange.
Michèle : True. I played for BC Mess for two years, when most of experienced players decided to put an end to their career. I then moved to Walferdange to still be able to play at the highest level in Luxembourg. We had a good team that was able to compete. In my second season with Walferdange we succeeded in winning the cup.
After your third season you decided to take a year off.
Michèle : I felt it was time for a change, and I opted for something a little more exotic. So I left for New-Zealand where I continued my studies. I only played basketball along the way though.
What was your line of study?
Michèle : I am a teacher, as you may have heard, so I too course in education studies and now hold a Master in Education Studies from Victoria University, Wellington. I didn’t play at university but for the Hutt Valley Flyers.
And on your return you went to ….
Michèle : … back to Walferdange for the 2011-12 season. I then was confronted to a similar situation then in Mondercange 5 years earlier, which made me decide to transfer to T71.
This was a short season because you then tore your ligaments.
Michèle : Yea, very unfortunate, but there you go. We had made it to the Cup final. The injury meant that I was out for ten months and that I can now hope for a positive start with the team.
Did you get the support you wished for?
Michèle : Oh, definitely. We have a good team spirit and the club is supportive as well.
Where do you fit into the team?
Michèle : I play positions 4 and 5. I can bring in my size in rebounds and have a good short jumper.
These last ten months must have felt like a very long time to you.
Michèle : Yes! But it’s back to old routine now. What with my job as a teacher, the practice sessions and of course the start of the competitions there will be little left for any extras.
Extras being ….. ?
Michèle : Majorly just hanging out with friends and family.
Sounds familiar, having talked to most of the other players before. Well, we’d like to thank you for the time you took for the interview and wish you a full recovery and the best possible start with the team this year.
Michèle : You are welcome.