Ryan Sharry (30.08.2013)

Hi, thanks for taking your time to see us.
Ryan : My pleasure
We are always interested to learn the progression of our American players, basically also to learn where the recruiting differs. So, could you give us a run-down of your sporting career so far?
Ryan : Well, I am Boston, MA born and went to Boston College High School up to 12th grade, but I went to college at Middlesbury College, Vermont where I took my 13th to 16th grades and graduated in 2012.
When did you become interested in basketball?
Ryan : This must have been from the very early days, I tried baseball but decided on basketball rather quickly. My teams were quite successful, both at High School and College level. We played in the State Championship in my 11th grade year and later at Middlesbury we made the final four in the NCAA.
Were there any options to play in the US after graduation?
Ryan: Well, there obviously was that alternative, but I must say that I fancied a time abroad, Europe preferably. Together with my agent we looked at a number of different places, and this was also the time when Jan Enjebo, your previous coach, was contacting agents in the US. So, he contacted me. My first European assignment therefore was with T71.
This was obviously very quick! Were there any initial problems?
Ryan: No, of course not. I made a few adjustments to my own game and felt very comfortable with the team. Any new player must find out where he fits in.
Where would you say you fit in then?
Ryan: I believe I am a pretty versatile player. I can play both inside and outside, my shooting from all distances is quite good, and due to my overall presence I can draw big players out. Basically, what I try to achieve is never to give a break and always to attack.
You start the season with a new coach. Have you already felt the difference?
Ryan: Yes, sure. Every coach brings in his own style and I will be learning from him and adjusting to the new ways. Together with the team I will be trying very hard to repeat last year’s performance.
Well, I suppose that’s we are all intent on. Do you feel that the conditions are right for such a feat?
Ryan: Certainly and the club is doing everything to make the team feel comfortable and at home. The arrangements with Nelly and the team are just fine, there’s always somebody to help.
I hear that your Dad came across for the Cup Final weekend.
Ryan: Yes, that was brilliant. The family are very close and my parents are very supportive. We profit from my holidays to come together and I am looking forward to my Christmas holydays with them. My sister will also be teaching in France so there are further opportunities to meet.
Well, we really enjoyed having you for the interview, thanks again.
Ryan: No problem.