Tim Whitworth (13.10.2008)

Hi there, glad to have you here today

No problem
We understand that you more or less followed our new coach on his journey down from Sweden.

You can put it that way. I spent two years in Sweden.
You mention your European stages, can you tell us anything more about the clubs you played for ?

My first team was in Austria, followed by a year in the Netherlands and then the two seasons in Sweden. That’s also where I met coach Enjebo, he saw me playing for the team he was coaching against.
You probably followed the usual high school to university career of so many of our American players.

Yes, certainly, my high school days atChestnut Hill Academy, Philadelphia, were the beginning of a career in basketball. I had played for local teams and was then recruited by my high school.
Was that an obvious choice ?

To be honest, my family background favoured my playing career. My parents both played the game and my mother coached teams at the high school level. My brothers (3) and sister all did sports, one of them is currently playing high school basketball . From Chestnut Hill I was recruited straight to Drexel University, Philadelphia, where we played basketball at the division 1 level . I studied and later graduated in marketing.
So, you would have a career option in marketing.

Suppose so, but I would also be tempted by a future in coaching.
Where did the idea of a European adventure originate ?

I met other basketball players who had played in Europe, so I accepted an offer fromMattersburg, Austria, after one year I moved on to Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, a good team actually, one that I really liked to play for. After Leeuwarden my agent made me an offer forSundsvall followed by a year with one of their rival teams, Jämtland. We made it to the semi-final with Sundsvall in Sweden, so I was quite happy with the team's and also my performance. In the meantime I had had an offer to return to Austria, but I wanted something different again, so I accepted the offer from your club.
What made you choose T71 ?
Honestly ?

– The possibility to play in a team coached by Jan Enjebo. I had seen him coach back in Sweden and also knew his credentials.
Does the team meet your expectations ?

Definitely ! It has a good mix of players and as a shooting guard I must be able to rely on good inside players. T71 can deliver in that respect. I’m quite confident that the team can make the top four in the Luxembourg championship. I can offer the team my best basketball since it all fits in.
Talking of fitting in. Do the facilities here in Dudelange suit you ?

Most certainly. The sporting facilities are near perfect. The sports centre here in Dudelange is a beauty and the club takes care of everything for you. But to be honest, I do have a net advantage – my fiance Sara lives with me, so I’m really spoiled in every aspect. She’s very much into basketball, because she played herself, and on top of that she’s an outstanding cook, need I say more... - We are planning to get married in June.
Not much we can add to that, can we ? Anyway, it’s been a pleasure talking to you. Enjoy your stay with us, the rest appears to have been taken care of.

My pleasure.